Toposcope at top of Jawbone Hill

1951-2016: The Festival of Britain 65 years on

In 1951, the summer long Festival of Britain celebrating the start of a new modern era had an impact on the local Ecclesfield Parish area as well as being a focal point for the whole of the UK. Planning started in 1949 with local councils and communities being given the opportunity to organise their own celebrations and festivals over the summer of 1951. We’ve already discovered some material in the Parish archive relating to the local festival(s) which took place across the Parish and in the role that local companies such as Newton Chambers played in the construction of the site.

As part of the Archiving Project, I’d like to collect more material to create a display and hold an event to celebrate the 65th anniversary. This is likely to take place in late June or early July and may include a walk to the Birley Stone and the Toposcope which was placed there in 1951.

If you took part in the original festival locally or went on a trip to London to visit the Festival and have any photos or other material, I’d be interested to hear from you. please email