New exhibition on Health at Grenoside Reading Rooms

I went along to the talk at the Reading Rooms on 18th June which was linked to the new exhibition on Health in the Grenoside area put together by the Local History Group. It was very interesting and gave a good insight into the progress made in medicine and the way that attitudes to health have changed. The talk drew on the work for the series of display boards around the Reading Room. These cover different aspects of health and medicine. In particular I was struck by the number of hospitals around the Grenoside area linked to Wortley RDC; the isolation hospitals being necessary in the pre-antibiotic era and where many lived in overcrowded households which lacked proper sanitation. There was a discussion at the end about scarlet fever and of households being unable to use their wells because of fear of contamination from nearby middens. A very different situation from today. I was able to have a few minutes to publicise the archiving project at the start of the evening which was appreciated.