Tea Time Reminiscences on 2nd July

Highlights of the session included a chorus of ‘We are the Ovaltinies’ prompted by one of the mystery objects ( a Horlicks drink mixer) from the Libraries Services’ memory box. The contents of the box together with a few additions was set out on display. People were asked to choose one object that they had definitely used, one they knew what it was and another that they didn’t have a clue about. Given the age of the group, most knew all the objects and could remember their use. This broke the ice and we had a wide ranging discussion about what life used to be like before mains electricity, gas, running water etc. etc. and how houses and industry had taken over farm land. Prices of bus fares and  a comparison with today was made using ‘old’ and ‘new’ money. Notes from the talk were taken by Beth, from Ecclesfield School, who was on work experience with me. These will be tidied up and then added to the project.

Please get in contact if you would like something similar for your group.