Newgate Close Reminiscences

There were 12 of us at the Newgate Close ‘down memory lane’ event on 21st July. We chatted about a range of topicsĀ over a couple of hours and a cup of tea. I learnt that the site of Newgate Close flats used to be a swampy field with springs running through where people used to pick watercress. The springs have been culverted and I’m assured that after heavy rain if you stand outside at a certain point you can hear the water rushing down under your feet. A pair of semi-detached houses were knocked down to make way for the road entrance when the scheme was developed. It was built under Wortley RDC and there is a picture of the ‘new’ scheme in their celebration brochure. I had a few more geography lessons amid tales about the estate which surrounds it and the roundabout at the end of Jeffcock Road. It was really interesting to hear about daily life not just in High Green but other areas during the 1930s and 40s. A couple of the people who came along said we could go and talk to them again and knew others who would be good to talk to regarding the project.