28th October – connections at Ecclesfield library

The third afternoon session at the library took place on Wednesday 28th October. The theme was exploring connections between families but we soon began taking the subject wider across all the different parts of Ecclesfield village. Jim Percival showed us a painting of a ‘Lovers’ Bridge at Ecclesfield. There were few other identifying features and so there was quite a bit of discussion of where it may be and a few suggestions were put forward. A few days after the meeting Mr & Mrs Cooper emailed to say they had identified the bridge from an old photograph. It was along Hartley Brook.

Our next session is on 25th November from 3pm to about 4.30pm. I’ve asked people to bring along a photograph they definitely know and can talk about as well as a couple of ‘mystery’ ones that they would like help in identifying either the location or the people in the photo.  All are welcome to the meetings, if you are interested just come along.