Monthly Archives: September 2015

Walk Down Memory Lane, 30th Sept.

Another of the ‘Walk down memory lane’ events took place this afternoon (30th Sept.) at Ecclesfield Library. There were about 12 of us looking at old photographs and maps, talking about the changes in the village  and memories of schooldays and Whit Sings. Harry Ridge, now 93, recounted memories of the Hospital Parades which took place annually up to 1936. They were big events happening on Feast Saturday a couple of weeks after Whitsuntide. More to follow …

Talk at Ecclesfield Library, 23rd Sept.

I gave a talk at Ecclesfield Library on Wednesday evening, 23rd Sept., updating people on the progress with the Archiving Project and showing people some of the images that we’ll be adding to the on-line archive. I found it particularly interesting as a ‘newcomer’ to the area to listen to some of the stories and anecdotes that the pictures triggered. In particular a view of Stocks Hill with a white cottage in the middle of the picture – the first Ecclesfield laundry; and a wedding party which was of the grandparents of one of the members of the audience. He helpfully filled in the names of some of the other people in the photograph. Almost as important is the discussion which takes place afterwards and I came away from the talk with another list of potential leads to follow through. Thanks to the Library for hosting the event.

I’m also back there next Wednesday (30th) afternoon for another Walk Down Memory Lane from 2pm -4pm. This is another informal session of anecdotes and reminiscences and a chance for people to bring along a photo. or two to share. Several of the people at the talk said they would come along.

High Green Party in the Park

I went along to High Green in Bloom’s Party in the Park on Saturday 5th Sept. The Heritage High Green Group had a really interesting display about local farms around the Mortomley / Greengate Lane area. I increased my knowledge some more and must make time to have a good walk round. They also kindly offered me a bit of space on their display to publicise the project. It was the first opportunity to hand out some of the new Volunteer Opportunities leaflets. I enjoyed talking to several different groups who were taking part encouraging people to consider putting together a few images / memories about their group to add into the archiving project. I’m keen to get more up to date stuff as well as the more historical so that we can make records for the future. If anyone has ideas for groups or would like to consider putting together a set for their own group / organisation, please let me know.

I also had the time to talk to the Ecclesfield Library Group which had a stall at the event. They were also going to Ecclesfield Gala the following day and agreed to take more leaflets so I am hoping that this will generate even more interest.